Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Nexus Productions/Comcast

Hello! Well for the last 6 months (!) I have been working with the lovely people at Nexus Productions, and the brilliant directors Smith & Foulkes, to design and create these 6 TV spots for the American telecommunications company Comcast.

Enjoy the ads, and much respect to everyone at Nexus who worked on this huge project, in a couple of months i'll be able to show all the concept work behind the ads, and trust me, it will take that long to go through it all and pick the best ones.


lauramardon said...

they look awesome!

Badger said...

is the scenery etc your artwork? well good

Chris Martin said...

Alright Badge.

Yeah everything in those adverts is my artwork, I designed all the 3d characters too.

When I'm allowed I'll put up all the designs.

CPT. KERK said...

Chris mate, smashed it!

Com cast, don't know what it is but i want one. The advert is brilliant. Well done.I would like to shake you by the hand.

hope your well.

Chorley One x

.::: iR Josephine :::. said...

Great stuff!!! Came across your work through 'Its Nice That.' I've added you to my blogroll for quick access to your site.

The ads are too sick, I just had to post them up, hope that's not a problem? Have a look, would very much appreciate it!


onĂ­rica said...

fun tastick!